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USB power supply adapter

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The adapter provides a way to connect an external power supply to a device (e.g. DAC) which is powered from a USB port.

As can be seen in the photos, the adapter is equipped with a USB 2.0 socket into which we should plug the cable which was plugged into the powered device and connect the USB adapter plug to the device. This way the computer power source is cut off and we should plug an external 5 V power supply into the adapter’s 5.5/2.1 mm socket to power the device.

We can use this power supply, but it would be best if a good power supply such as our 5 V linear power supply was used. The adapter was designed in mind with our linear power supply.

This simple adapter has several interesting properties:

By soldering the pins of JP1 jumper we can pick one of two options – either the power receiver is fed current from the external supply through the adapter socket (pins 1-2 shorted, default setting), or power is supplied from computer USB port (pins 2-3 shorted) and the computer current is conditioned by a filter embedded in the adapter – our tests have shown a surprisingly positive effect of this conditioning on operation of end devices. If you would like the adapter to be configured in this manner, write a comment to this effect during ordering.

Similarly, JP2 jumper is used to connect receiver, computer and external power supply grounds together by default, but if you require a different setting you disconnect the grounds from each other.

Written warranty for 24 months.