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A high-quality, low-cost DAC – converts a digital signal from a computer USB port to an analog stereo line out port and contains an integrated headphone amplifier.

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  • USB input

  • 2 x RCA stereo output

  • 3.5 mm jack headphone amplifier output

Read a test of the DAC: http://wstereo.pl/test-unostromo-v6-polski-dac-i-sluchawkowiec/

Important! The edition currently on sale is uNOSTROMO v6. Whole PCB design was changed, the layout was corrected and optimized, and many smaller improvements were implemented.

A new headphone jack with signal redirection feature was introduced. Audio jack plugged in – the signal is routed to the headphones. Socket empty – the signal is routed to the RCAs on the back panel.

The new potentiometer provides more uniform volume adjustment and an “off” function for the whole device.

New panels are made entirely from aluminum and have the same color as the case.

From this edition uNOSTROMO is available only in black case.

The basic DAC parameters were kept unchanged but the sound quality has been improved.

The device is powered entirely from USB port, the power supply subsystem has been fine-tuned to the limits. We have designed a novel internal power supply scheme specifically for uNOSTROMO, which makes the device operation almost entirely independent of quality of the current coming from the computer. The computer is responsible only for supplying current, while the internal power supply section takes care to maintain proper voltage level and to minimize the noise.

Although the DAC is the cheapest one we offer, it is the one we have spent the most time and effort on and we sincerely believe that result was worth it.

A high-quality, low-cost DAC – converts a digital signal from a computer USB port to an analog stereo line out port and contains an integrated headphone amplifier with a socket on the front panel. uNOSTROMO DAC is manufactured from highest quality parts: WIMA capacitors, VISHAY DRALORIC precision resistors, 12 MHz quartz clock with 20 ppm accuracy.

RCA sockets from PRO SIGNAL are gold-plated. The power supply section uses power from the USB port, it was developed to optimally separate and eliminate power supply noise from the computer source. Digital input from the computer (USB) is based on the Burr-Brown Audio PCM2707 circuit. Important! The USB input support sampling rate up to 48 kHz.

The digital/analog converter part is based on WOLFSON 24-bit resolution chip with SNR: 112 dB. The headphone amplifier is characterized by the following parameters:

  • Output power: 85 mW at 32 Ω

  • THD+N < 0.0007%

  • SNR > 120 dB

The amplifier supports headphones with impedances from 16 to 300 Ω, which encompasses most headphones available on the market. At the back-panel, 2 x RCA output the signal level is 2.1 VRMS. The high-quality socket at the front-panel of uNOSTROMO accepts 3.5 mm plugs.

The front-panel volume adjustment knob (ALPS ProAudio) is connected to the headphone output and has no effect on the output level of the 2 x RCA output.

Up-to-date manual is available under DOWNLOADS tab.

The device is supported by Mac, Linux and Windows, no drivers are needed. Tested to work without issues with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OS, Linux and Android from 4.2 version with OTG.

Connecting uNOSTROMO DAC to a computer is an easy way to transform it into an excellent quality music server. Written warranty for 24 months. Case dimensions:

  • width: 67 mm

  • height: 35 mm

  • length: 108 mm (excluding sockets)

A 0,3 m USB cable is included with the DAC.