NOSTROMO wolf 2 DAC (extended edition)

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DAC NOSTROMO wolf 2 is based on highest quality circuits dedicated for audio processing made by WOLFSON.

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NOSTROMO wolf 2 extended edition

“Projekt NOSTROMO” company is a POLISH MANUFACTURER of digital/analog converters, analog/digital converters, headphone amplifiers and AC adapters made for high-quality audio applications.

The current NOSTROMO wolf 2 is the next generation of the original DAC initially created in 2011. Wolf 2 is a digital/analog converter (DAC) whose multitude of digital input ports (4), perfected design, durability and very high quality workmanship are traits which make the product unique.

NOSTROMO wolf 2 uses an excellent audio chip: WM8741 by WOLFSON (with four kinds of digital filters), which supports 32 bit/192 kHz signals.

Thanks to having many input ports Wolf allows for connecting different and independent audio sources, i.e. CD player, computer, TV SAT tuner, audio server.

The extended edition differs in look from the standard version by the 3-mm thick, high gloss front panel (1.5-mm thick, matte in the standard version). The most important improvements are inside. Resistors in the analog path are high-quality THT ones, the low-pass-filter capacitors are dedicated for audio, the operational amplifiers are mounted on precise holders, which facilitates exchanging them easily for different ones by the end user, according to their needs.

Technical data:

  • DAC circuit: WOLFSON WM8741
  • dynamic range: 128 dB
  • stereo crosstalk: -130 dB
  • output level: 2.1 Vrms (at 0 dB)
  • dimensions: 103×35×192 mm
  • net weight: about 1 kg

Input signal specifications (max):

  • coaxial (2x): 24 bit/192 kHz
  • optical (2x): 24 bit/96 kHz

Package contents:

  • standard AC adapter

◦   if you’re interested in high-quality AC adapter, we recommend this one

  • printed manual (available here) and warranty card
  • DAC nostromo wolf 2

Warranty: 24 months