NOSTROMO 5 V 3A AC adapter

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AC adapter dedicated to audio equipment: DACs, converters, headphone amplifiers, etc.

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5 V, 3 A

Attention! New version available.

What changed?

Completely new PCB board and other technical modifications.

  • Built-in mains power supply socket
  • New reliable power receiver socket
  • New hiqh-quality power receiver cables

This AC adapter is dedicated to our USB-S/PDIF converters: GS, V2, V3 NOSTROMO.

The AC adapter was designed and built from scratch by our company. The design work took several months, many potential technical solutions, components and stages were tested on a high-quality oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. Different design concepts and applications of various components were consulted with Texas Instruments engineers.

The result of the works has met our expectations and the quality is really excellent. Connecting this adapter to our DAC gives spectacular effects, the improvement of the sound quality compared to a regular switched power supply is immense. But please don’t ask us what exactly has changed because the answer is – everything!

The AC adapter can be subdivided into three sections:

  1. Primary circuit – protection from mains interference.
  2. Transformer and high-quality, fast rectifier diodes, with additional filtering and high-capacitance section characterized by very low ESR.
  3. Main circuit – generates appropriate supply voltage, connected to an innovative noise reduction and current smoothing section.

The package includes two cables (shown in photos), a 1.5 m mains power supply cable and a detachable 0,5 m power receiver cable with a 5.5/2.1 mm plug. The power receiver plug fits sockets of all our products, but if you need to use the adapter with some other device, then check its socket dimensions and provide them during ordering in the comments and we will fix the adapter with a fitting plug. In this case the preparation time before shipment may increase up to 4 days.

Case dimensions:

  • height: 55 mm
  • width: 160 mm
  • length: 80 mm

Written warranty for 24 months.