Nostromo uX1 DAC (premium edition)

320,00 zł tax incl.

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A high-quality DAC, digital/analog converter, from S/PDIF standard, coaxial (RCA), toslink (optical) to analog (stereo).

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2 digital inputs – 1 optical, 1 coaxial and 2 analog outputs – 2 x RCA, 3.5-mm stereo jack.



The PCB board is the same for the standard version and the premium edition of the uX1 DAC, but it was designed to support two qualitatively different devices. The uX1 contains three current receivers: the optical receiver, the WM8804 digital transceiver and the WM8524 DAC; each of them require 3.3 V supply voltage. In the standard version there is only one voltage stabilizer common to each them supplying them with current. In the premium version each of the ICs has its own low-noise 3.3 V voltage stabilizer. Moreover, each of the stabilizers is supplied with an uncoupled current over its own line with high capacitance. Several additional minor improvements have also been introduced and the parts used are of higher quality than in the standard version.

The most important question is: can you hear a difference between uX1 versions? I can, it is not huge, but it’s clearly discernible.

The NOSTROMO uX1 DAC is a direct successor of the X1 DAC. In short, the X1 DAC was moved to a smaller case and its design was simplified without negatively affecting the sound quality. As can be seen in the photos, the PCB board was modified and has very high production quality.

The optical and coaxial inputs accept digital signal with sampling rate and bit rate up to 192 kHz/24 bit.

A high-quality DAC, digital/analog converter, from S/PDIF standard, coaxial (RCA), toslink (optical) to analog (stereo). Two S/PDIF inputs – RCA, toslnk; analog output – 2 x RCA. The NOSTROMO uX1 DAC is manufactured from highest quality parts: WIMA capacitors, VISHAY DRALORIC precision resistors, 12 MHz quartz clock with 5 ppm accuracy. RCA sockets from PRO SIGNAL are gold-plated. The power supply section uses high-capacitance audio capacitors, the smaller capacitors are tantalum SMD ones from BEYSCHLAG. The power supply section is based on two-step voltage stabilizer, which is further separated into independent sections for key parts of the circuit. The digital input section is based on the WM8804 circuit from WOLFSON (with phenomenally low jitter), characterized by biphase input signal sampling frequency (fS) range: 32 kHz to 192 kHz.

The digital/analog conversion (DAC) part is based on WM8524 circuit from WOLFSON with 24-bit resolution, SNR – 106 dB and low clock-jitter sensitivity.

A dedicated AC adapter is included with the device. Written warranty is for 24 months.

Case dimensions:

  • width: 67 mm

  • height: 35 mm

  • length: 107 mm (excluding sockets)